Sunday, November 1, 2009

Motorola Leaves Windows Mobile

Motorola gives appraisal to operating system based on open source that developing by Google, Android. Motorola at this time in the middle of survival for keep growth has became Microsoft Windows partner since long time, but their also became supporter for open source application developing, and even now Motorola only focused for one open system platform, Android. Because want only focus to develop Android operating system in their gadget product, this vendor willing sacrifice another operating system. From financial side, that can denied that Android is open source platform can give free. The best benefit from open source is less expenditure to develop. Because this fact, Android priority to innovation than expenditure. Motorola be confident their can created excellent tools because they can create their own application tools.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

LG 55LHX Televisions


LG 55LHX Televisions is 55” 1080p Wireless LCD LED 240Hz HDTV. LG’s Top-of-the-line LCD HDTV series delivers superior picture quality, including a 2:000,000:1 contrast ratio, in an ultra-slim design (less than 1” at its thinnest point). Unlike LCD LED HDTVs that use “edge” lighting technology, LG’s LHX uses a full array of LED backlights with local dimming technology for precise picture control—resulting in deeper blacks and a wide color gamut. And, because it’s wireless, the LHX allows for greater room design flexibility. The wireless capability is one of the cooler new features of the LG 55LHX LCD model. The uncompressed wireless system, available with a separate media box allows Full HD 1080p transmission without any separate wires and cables. The base station will transmit those video signals to the panel itself through its proprietary 60 GHz radio and multi-element antenna array. The new LG 55LHX 55-inch LCD HDTV has a variety of inputs and outputs including 4 HDMI inputs of V. 1.3 with Deep Color capable. Besides this, an additional USB 2.0 port is also there to access to digital music and photos. With so many advanced features, the new LG 55LHX can definitely be an attractive addition for any kind of room d├ęcor.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sony DPP-F700


Sony DPP-F-700 is digital picture frame with one-touch printing that already equipped with an integrated printer. This digital picture frame have a 7-inch (16:10, WVGA 800×480) display, 1GB of internal memory, 21 template for make your picture more beauty, time/ date display, support for a variety of storage formats (including Memory Stick, Memory Stick Duo, SD Card, SDH Card, CF Card, and xD-Picture Card), and simple editing functions (rotate, zoom, and crop). The printer itself creates 4 x 6-inch, 300 x 300 dpi printouts with integrated TruFast technology and a "one touch printing" button. Print result is waterproof guarantee and no leave finger print in picture if someone touched. Sony DPP-F-700 will sell in United Sates and Europe market for around €200 (US$290).

Monday, September 28, 2009

Yahoo! Prepared Meme Compete Twitter


Twitter success to get million users from all over the world made Yahoo! enticed. However, step that Yahoo! fallowed is not persuasion to merge their service with make acquisition with Twitter but by launched similar service named Yahoo! Meme. This service can be accessed at at a glace it likes Twitter and Tumbir. When make account, you will find empty page that can fill it with text, image, video, content, or you can write microblog title, maximum description is 100 caracters, and an avatar. You also can make comment thread under content. Likes Twitter and Tumbir, you can looking for public account of another users and follow them. Every update from another user that you follow can display in your page. Interesting to try Yahoo! Meme? If yes, you must wait till Yahoo! released Meme for public.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Apple Product “Explosion”

Explosion cases of Apple product in some places makes the safety of consumer products in Europe United feel worried. They started investigation connected to this repeatedly accidents. These accidents of course make the safety of consumer products not keep quiet. They confirmed will investigate about this matter. Besides that, they also already send warning to Rapex security system product in order to 27 Europe United members followed send update news, still connected to two Apple brand products. Apple side confessed they accept report about repeatedly accidents of these Apple products. At this time, they still waiting consumer to submit their damage product unit to analyze. Apple said that have nothing to do till they get complete information. For information, this accident is often happened and Apple tried to blockade this news from an American journalist on July.

Trojan Spied VoIP

It is uncomfortable if someone that we don’t want recorded or heard our conversation with our partner or client. Trojan Peskyspy able to record conversation and victim targeting is Skype users. By hooky several Windows API, this Trojan send conversation in mp3 file format in specific remote channel to a wiretap. Someone PC can infect by Trojan via used channels, including an exe file on e-mail when user clicked to visit infected website. For good, you better upgrade your operating system, browser, or security software, so able to detect dangerous attachment presence, and give a warning message to you about potential website contained dangerous application.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Windows XP Modification in China

Four China citizens jailed because they created and distributed Windows XP software that already modification so authenticated and certificated system been disable. One of the citizen has name Hong Lei also have part as website creator titled Tomato Garden that distributed that pirate Windows XP software. The Result, they get punished by 3.5 years in jail and fine worth US$ 146,000. China accused as the most country that used pirate software in the world. Even many sides also said software pirate problem in the industry countries is worse than China. According to an American senator whom just visiting Beijing, China government effort to stopped intellectual property law break appraised weak and not effective because China government only talk and lack in implementation. Beside that, there are many website in China that still provide favorite pirate material link and download likes movie, music, and game.