Monday, September 28, 2009

Yahoo! Prepared Meme Compete Twitter


Twitter success to get million users from all over the world made Yahoo! enticed. However, step that Yahoo! fallowed is not persuasion to merge their service with make acquisition with Twitter but by launched similar service named Yahoo! Meme. This service can be accessed at at a glace it likes Twitter and Tumbir. When make account, you will find empty page that can fill it with text, image, video, content, or you can write microblog title, maximum description is 100 caracters, and an avatar. You also can make comment thread under content. Likes Twitter and Tumbir, you can looking for public account of another users and follow them. Every update from another user that you follow can display in your page. Interesting to try Yahoo! Meme? If yes, you must wait till Yahoo! released Meme for public.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Apple Product “Explosion”

Explosion cases of Apple product in some places makes the safety of consumer products in Europe United feel worried. They started investigation connected to this repeatedly accidents. These accidents of course make the safety of consumer products not keep quiet. They confirmed will investigate about this matter. Besides that, they also already send warning to Rapex security system product in order to 27 Europe United members followed send update news, still connected to two Apple brand products. Apple side confessed they accept report about repeatedly accidents of these Apple products. At this time, they still waiting consumer to submit their damage product unit to analyze. Apple said that have nothing to do till they get complete information. For information, this accident is often happened and Apple tried to blockade this news from an American journalist on July.

Trojan Spied VoIP

It is uncomfortable if someone that we don’t want recorded or heard our conversation with our partner or client. Trojan Peskyspy able to record conversation and victim targeting is Skype users. By hooky several Windows API, this Trojan send conversation in mp3 file format in specific remote channel to a wiretap. Someone PC can infect by Trojan via used channels, including an exe file on e-mail when user clicked to visit infected website. For good, you better upgrade your operating system, browser, or security software, so able to detect dangerous attachment presence, and give a warning message to you about potential website contained dangerous application.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Windows XP Modification in China

Four China citizens jailed because they created and distributed Windows XP software that already modification so authenticated and certificated system been disable. One of the citizen has name Hong Lei also have part as website creator titled Tomato Garden that distributed that pirate Windows XP software. The Result, they get punished by 3.5 years in jail and fine worth US$ 146,000. China accused as the most country that used pirate software in the world. Even many sides also said software pirate problem in the industry countries is worse than China. According to an American senator whom just visiting Beijing, China government effort to stopped intellectual property law break appraised weak and not effective because China government only talk and lack in implementation. Beside that, there are many website in China that still provide favorite pirate material link and download likes movie, music, and game.

Google Donation

Google known so supported open source community was given fund donation US$ 400,000 to Open Source Lab, Oregon State University. This additional fund will support their effort to provide hosting services that used by many projects and open source community. Chris DiBona, Google Program Manager explains that Oregon State University (OSU) has already given contribution to open source world. This makes OSU as leader in global education. This year, OSU also fallowed to be participant as organization adviser in Google Summer of Code Program. Contribution that Google given was part of campaign for OSU, a campaign given fund supported for publication in 2007. This campaign have goal to get US$ 625 million that will be used for scholarship, research, new learning facility, and other.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Printee 1.5.1

Sometimes we need to print information from website page. Commonly, user do copy paste to text contain editing application to get information they need from website page and rearranged. But this way take times and difficulties. To resolve it, you can used this application known as Printee. This application is add-on Internet Explorer browser to print of some part or only content from website page that you want it. You can erase all pictures and background, advertises, and another item that you don’t want to print. Even with this application you can changed font, width, and page style layout. Printed output surely only take website page content wanted. You can download this application at (size file : 435 KB).

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dell Ended Mini 12 inch Netbook.

Dell announced will to end their Mini 12 inch netbook that used Intel Atom processor and will be focus on Mini 10 inch netbook. For meanwhile, conventional ordinary netbook will fill this empty space that left by Mini 12 inch. According to Dell, to their customers, 10 inch display is more suitable to used in netbook because portability is the most important key of netbook users. From circulated news on internet, their have possibility to developing a new netbook used CULV (Consumer Ultra Low Voltage) processor. According to another news, this decision cause by conflict of interest between Dell and Intel. Intel prefer to 12 inch netbook used dual core processor than 12 inch netbook. By this Dell decision, so limitation between netbook and small notebook size will be more not clearly.

Facebook Implemented New Rules

Facebook have plan to implemented new changed in their Term of Service. One of the changed rules is banned thing to write by Facebook users on their status row. That changed will be ban to user status for commercial purposes. So if Facebook user still used to sale their status update to an advertiser, it will be consider as rules breaker. In commonly, Facebook private user profile will be ban for use to get commercial gain. Draft of new rule goes as follow: “You will not use your personal profile for your own commercial gain (such as selling your status update to an advertiser).” This time, the new rules just submitted by their official blog and you can see it in Facebook Site Governance. If have no objections, Facebook will be implemented this draft as new rule that must obeyed by all members.

China Canceled Their Censor Software

China finally cancelled their effort to censored internet contain massively. China government no longer obligation all internet user in their country to used censor software named Green dam Youth Escort. That censor software said China officer was had no obligation for computer user to use it. After installed that software, China internet users have right to choose. If you buy computer attachment with floppy disc or compact this contained censor software, buyers have choice to use it or not. This decision ended China government controversial plan that arise up on June. In that time, China government required to all computer users to install that censor software, and this decision made people and netter all over the world angry. They accused China government trying to increase their control on internet. China then busy to make self defenses about their decision. At last, their make officially canceled that decision.