Monday, September 28, 2009

Yahoo! Prepared Meme Compete Twitter


Twitter success to get million users from all over the world made Yahoo! enticed. However, step that Yahoo! fallowed is not persuasion to merge their service with make acquisition with Twitter but by launched similar service named Yahoo! Meme. This service can be accessed at at a glace it likes Twitter and Tumbir. When make account, you will find empty page that can fill it with text, image, video, content, or you can write microblog title, maximum description is 100 caracters, and an avatar. You also can make comment thread under content. Likes Twitter and Tumbir, you can looking for public account of another users and follow them. Every update from another user that you follow can display in your page. Interesting to try Yahoo! Meme? If yes, you must wait till Yahoo! released Meme for public.


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