Monday, August 31, 2009

Symantec Announced The 100 Dirtiest Websites.

Do you want to know the 100 dirtiest website on internet for this summer 2009? According to threaten quantities that detected till August)? Symantec via Norton Safe Web project provided their information for you. The website list that must be you avoid was thrown by website that contained no less than 56,271 malware threaten. If you approximately to all website in the list, that average number became 18,000. There is no weird if adult websites take 48 of 100 positions on the list. But that surprising enough to known another website have work in not dangerous image, like catering, skating figure, deer hunt, and legal or retail service. Virus, according to Norton Safe Web, is the most common threaten that they found it. Only with no purpose action when you have navigation to the one of that dirtiest websites, user become exposed their computer to virus attacker wave or information stealer. There are many ways to make a website became malware infection, but attacker usually used SQL injection technique to exploration web server technology weakness. The champion of the dirtiest website or the number one in Symantec list version is Arab Saudi website that used host in United States found already spread many downloader trojan infection. That must be beware is website owned by US based catering company with infection number reached 23,414. For information detail, see at

Adobe Provide Video Upload Feature Till 2 GB

Tragic for Adobe Flash that become dominant platform enough for video streaming hosting like YouTube and Hulu, for this long time never been launched own hosting service and video sharing, But in recently time, Adobe will catch their fact falling behind with added video upload feature at, editing service, and website based picture sharing. Maybe you already known, Adobe is not the first company that have video added feature to website that originally designed for picture. But compared with Flickr that asked video upload duration no more than 90 seconds limit, Adobe permitted their user to video upload till 200 MB if you used web browser, or till 2 GB if you used via Adobe AIR uploader. After finished to upload, you can played at Photoshop,com or share with another users. By the way, for user service also get free 2GB capacity storage space. Beside that new feature, Adobe also provided chance for user to make Group Album. This album can collaboration with another user. Instersting? You can directly visit

Ulysse Nardin Chairman

Do you want have a handphone that really different, and not all people can’t have it? Ulysse Nardin Chaiman is one of some product that will release soon. This handphone made by Ulysse Nardin, a watch producer company from Swiss. Ulysse Nardin Chaiman is a handphone that used kinetic energy, for battery charging process. A same method that already implemented in some famous watch branded. Kinetic energy produced by user movement. In watch that using in wrist is proven already efficient, for handphone not always in user hand held, this is not optimal possibility. We can say if the handphone keep on our pocket, there not keep as many as kinetic energy if we used watch when we walk. At least, Ulysse Nardin Chaiman handphone become exclusive because is not many people use it. This limited edition handphone planned only produced for 1,846 units. Interesting? You can see more detail information at

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Intel-GridRepublic Cooperation

Intel and GridRepublic non profit organization launched application that make possible for Facebook users shred their computer processor platform for social need. With application titled ProgressThruProcessors, Facebook users can share their computer processor platform for project need that already running are Rosetta@home (for AIDS researcher, malaria, cancer, and Alzheimer), project (global warming effect reduce) and Africa@home (malaria controller). These projects need high level and expensive computation system, even sometimes need computer not already exist. Because of that, Intel and GridRepublic used grid computing system, where computers make a large network that share their collective computer resource so can equal or even can beaten a supercomputer. According to Intel, This application will be run if only a computer is 100 percent not in use. When user still busy working with heavy application program, automatically ProgressThruProcessors application will be idle, delayed their work and back to run when there still resource remainder.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Android Targeting BlackBerry

Android destiny in the future have possibility will directed became big competitor for BlackBerry made by Research in Motion (RIM). Google as platform developer clarified that the operating system will be focused on business market, not customer. This is like Reuter reported, quoted from one of the Google top executive that have responsibility from Android developing, Andy Rubin. In his statement, Rubin said that beside to developing consumer features like social networking and games, Android will become platform for business developing solution to supported jobs. Android debut already started in this years, and predict will come about 20 handset variant from many smartphone vendors in the last 2009. Rubin predicted Android will be looking by business class users starting in this year. If Google come in, competition in handset business market will be harder because Google has online services for this market likes Google Apps. Before, Google was demonstrated combination between high feature equipment with application, and online service.

MySpace Launched E-mail

MySpace try with many ways to persuade his user. One of this ways is launched an e-mail service, MySpace Mail. MySpace Mail already existed in beta version. This e-mail service will available in all over the world in the some week future. With MySpace Mail, user has change to communicated and content sharing with other person. By this service, user can attachment their photo directly from profile to e-mail, send music and video as attachment without storage limitation. MySpace user also can used name that already used in social networking by added In recently, Myspace enchantment began to become overcast, with more increased popularity of facebook prestige. Even for some time ago, this website owner by New Corp must reduced 30% of his workers. Because of that, MySpace really need to some breakthroughs like presented this e-mail service, to challenge facebook popularity. But I think MySpace need more than only presented e-mail service. We wait what the next Myspace breakthrough.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Opera Supported Android

Opera Mobile makes sure to support Android platform. Before, Opera only supported platform for smart phone that used Windows Mobile and Symbian operating system. Opera Mobile 9.7 claimed has fastest navigation for both operating systems. This browser company from Norway now trying luck by jumped into Android platform. Opera explained their certainty will can use in hand phone with Android based. Opera Mobile 9.7 exactly released on June 2009. In that time, Opera Mobile beta version just released only for Windows Mobile also can be use in hand phone with touch screen technology. Now Opera delayed himself as the most popular mobile browser in the world. Based on web annalistic company StatCounter, Opera succeed to replaced iPhone Apple browser position. Survey by Stat Counter showed 24,6% browsing used Opera browser. In fact, Opera has been number one in early 2009.

Microsoft Persuaded European United

Microsoft not gives up with monopoly accused by European United Commission to Internet Explorer installation in every Windows system. Microsoft has already lobbying European United. In his offered, Microsoft still want to keep Internet Explorer in every Windows 7 that released in Europe countries, but will give additional application named “Ballot Screen” that make user can easily to installed another Internet Explorer competitor browser, and make non activation of Microsoft browser application. European United Commission not makes decision yet about Internet Explorer. But rumors said this Microsoft peaceful offered is interested for European United. Commission will take this offer with open hand, and European United will make investigation for user choice affectivity. Unfair competition accused by European United to Microsoft started on last January. Internet Explorer complained too following Windows popularity so is difficult to catch up by another competitor browser like Firefox, Opera, and Chrome.

Monday, August 24, 2009

MP3DirectCut : Suitable for Ringtone

Are you want make music ringtone not in intro but only in reff? Or are you just want to take some part of MP3 file for presentation? MP3DirectCut is program that can help you easly to edit your audio video. You can also delete some part of song, or make volume disappered, file sharing or make region copy as new file. All this thing can you get without make de-decompress MP3 or PCM formatted and audio file recompression will not reduceding sound quality. Info:

MP3DirectCut : Suitable for Ringtone

Are you want make music ringtone not in intro but only in reff? Or are you just want to take some part of MP3 file for presentation? MP3DirectCut is program that can help you easly to edit your audio video. You can also delete some part of song, or make volume disappered, file sharing or make region copy as new file. All this thing can you get without make de-decompress MP3 or PCM formatted and audio file recompression will not reduceding sound quality. Info:

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Acer Jumped Into Gadget Product

Not only satisfied for dominated netbook product, minimalist laptop with special designed to network communication, this time Acer launched smart gadget product. This step is not in a half way, this year will be available nine types and some of them can find in market. This smartphone penetration at least makes market more crowded. This time United States producer already jumped first with product like iPhone and BlackBerry, even last year another Taiwan producer, that is Asus, for the first time launched Palm Digital Assistant (PDA). As player number one in world netbook market and second position in world notebook market, Acer became stronger in mobile equipment segment for internet mobile needed. By acquisition E-Ten, smart handheld producer in 2008, this Taiwan company showed his strategy commitment to provide mobile equipment solution for consumer and professional. This equipment covered many type, started from netbook to smartphone.
The newest model DX900 with dual SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) for private communication and business in one equipment X0960 with thin and compact body is multifunction equipment. Two other models, F900 and M900 was total developing for web on the go exploration.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Online Game Opportunity About Crisis

Every problem, have an opportunity. Like what happened in United States when stricken by crisis. Property Market fall down and not full recovery yet. In this problem trouble, AddictingGames a game online website exactly launched game abot crisis. In that games connected with hot issues in society, likes Billion Dollar US Money Lender Budget, Where is The Naughty Governor, also Hero from Hudson. They tried change property market became something funny. Beside that, this game title House Property Credit Chaos, a games like Bizarro version monopoly, can be access started on August 14, 2009. However, this game different with monopoly that usually we play to collect asset as many as possible. Goal of this game is effort to save yourself for debt of property ownership till economical changed. In that game, many things can change to be worse. Starting with lessee delayed to pay rent money, too high property tax, till disaster like earthquake that can avoid. If player can overcome this difficulties and problems for four years, he will get victorious in the end of the game. Most of this game at AddictingGames described reality faced by US people. This game also satire the reality face by majority of US people. This game designed can finishing only in one or two hours.
But David Williams as Senior Vice President at Kid Games Group and Nickelodeon Family, that now included Addicting Games, says,”Kekacauan Kredit Kepemilikan Rumah,” is deepest game their ever made. One session can take 10 minutes and that is challenge for player to keep running game.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Firefox Browser

Many smart handphone users unpatient to wait Firefox browser mobile or Fennec present. Browser mobile usually only have a bit features and always uncertain compatability. Indepent browser maker like Opera still looking for loyal customer that usually come from low end hand phone users, and keep to developing light browser like Opera Mini. Mozilla browser inaugural, Fennec, bringed to handphone with touch screen based. Fennet at this time just reached Beta version 1, and likely have chance to replace Opera Mini position. Add on, easy address, entry and bookmarking feature, also compatibily to many kind of handphone brands will make Fennec to be first choice of mobile browser users. But Mozilla for this moment only tested Fennec on Nokia N810, look more like mini computer than handphone. Good news, Mozilla will test their browser on sophiticated handphone Google G1 or Blackberry Storm, and for iPhone user will be disappointed, because iPhone only can used their own brower that make by Safari webkit based.

China Censored Porn Sites

After censorhip of 1,900 porn websites, Now China Government via their police department, changed investigation to pornography audiobook by arrested four online shop employees named This online shop accused keep and sale many kind audiobook contained pornography material. make itself that audiobook material, by recorded young woman voice who reading erotic novels. Beside that. also invited their customers to upload their erotic comments, and promised get repayment. According to Qu Weifang, Information Securities of China Government Director, pornography audibook materials tracking process is more difficult that video or picture pornography tracking. Another effort they already done is free clean and free from pornography campaign in forum, chatroom, till instant massanger group.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Foxit Reader 3.0 Build 1817

Glowed of pdf file user make user at least user have one pdf reader sofware choice installed in their PC. In the beginning, PDF reader application used as document viewer or printing house only, but now the application user wider till document security with password. Big installation file, process speed, and supported features also be detemines factor for user to make choice. PDF reader application was spreadly. Not only Adobe Reader but many known another application and one of them is Foxit Reader. This application have small size, fast, and safe in use. Without your permit, anything internet connection requests from pdf document can be done. Splash looks application can’t find by user when use this application. You also can make convertion from pdf file to text, and added notation to document file by of course, this application. Till now, Foxit reader already reached release 3 build 1817. Inside this application attachment with some new features. Some of that is attachment, layout, metric unit, enticing, multimedia pannel, and Firefox support. The rest is increased in anotation control, toolbar control, permission control, mode upgrade, popup mote, and printing. You can download this application at (size 3.56 MB) Minimum spesification is Windows 2000.

Information via SMS in Uganda

Many countries in this world still can’t enjoy full electric power supplies in their daily activites. Like in Uganda, when only 10 percent of population can enjoyed electric supplies. But uniquely, more than a third of population or equal with 10 million have handphone. Some non profit organization start to think how to use more efficient and effective way to send information to population, especially they who life in hinterland. And the best way of course by handphone fasilities. Grameen Foundation work together with Google and celluler provider in Uganda to developing an application that permit the hadphone user to get information via short massage service (SMS). That various information provide, like HIV, agriculture guider, until weather forecast. For they who have no handphone, illiterate, and can’t speak in english, can visited operator at their village and used operator’s handphone.


In the early time, Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC) based to Origami project, that sponsored by Microsoft, Intel, and Samsung to make a PC tablet with simple size. Next varian from this UMPC concept is Mobile Internet Device (MID) that developed by Intel. But, UMPC glossary more growing in the use term, directed to a simple mobile PC, usually with secreen no bigger than 10 inch.

Facial Recognition

This software developed with artificial intelligence ability to face recognation of somebody. Every face have special contour makes different between one person to another person. At least 80 contour points that scalable used by software, some of that is distance between eyes, nose width, deep of eye socket, cheek bone shape, and jaw length.


This word commonly used for discribe mistake, security gap, failure in computer program that blocked from operating like usual. Most of bugs come by people mistakes, even in source code program or in design. Bug searching process in source code known as debugging. And for recovery called as patch.

Google Chrome Operating System

A good news come from Google. At this time, Google working a operating system that build for operating Google Chrome web browser. Google Chrome Operating System will presented for netbok with ARM platform and x86. Coogle company prediced this Google operating system version can release for their user in medio 2010, but will available as open sourece after this year. This new operating system will bring the user to explore cyber world only in a few second, and have minimalist user interface. Google Chrome also have security architecture that full redesigned if compare with they had been done pn theri own Chrome browser. This make Google Chrome be operating system that user no need compromise with virus, malware, and security update. Google said if Google Chrome operating system as new project, and have no connection with Adroid as known as Google phone mobile operating system. Interrelated with the announcement, Google Chrome in future hopes can be running well in many kind of netbook and PC desktop.

Green Dam in Apple Computer

Green Dam, software to internet filtering operated by China government, already tested to computer made by Apple. This information informed to public by Jinhui Computer System Engineering, the company who make that filter technology. From multiple result test found that software sensitivity to malware. Sony party already declared that thing. The test showing that Green Dam blocked Garfield cartoon picture, and always back to pornography link. Some week ago, Department of Information Techology of China explained that they not canceled their cencor regulation. “We only delay it,” says spokeman from that department. Mass media in China explained that their government seriusly to prepare convensional regulation. China government explained that goal of their regulation is to protected youth generation from pornography and violances in cyber world. But opposition group suspecious Green Dam will use for stressed and politic censor.

Sun Releases New Open Solaris

Sun Microsystem announced to release their new operating system Open Solaris 2009.06 that give some new features on network system, storage, and vitualization together with performa increasing and productivity update for significant developing. The important thing from this new release is inputing Crossbow Project, network tecnology developing for Solaris. Riched by new features, Open Solaris 2009.06 is new important step for enterprise to uses next Solaris generation, with some newest innovations from Sun and OpenSolaris communities. As continued from Sun ZFS tecnology to created new basic concept for archieve system, redesigned whole architecture of Crossbow Project on network stack be new standard about how network system in operating system must be done. This project for the first time give newtrok system ability to designed for virtualization combined woth multithreaded processor and high level multiple core, and connected with very fast network interface. OpenSolaris 2009.06 supplied some bigger increase for ZFS technology and added by a new connectivity architecture and protocl support. New flash storage support integrated in whole XFS to network storage high performa optimalization, by relied on flash equipment as wrie accelerator and read accelarator. This network managed automaticaly by ZFS to get amazing performa level in all tasks so small cache on RAID control no more need it.

Gmail, Google Apps Leaves Beta Version

Hard to believe, but it is real that Gmail and Google at last leave beta evrsion, tahta indicated that Google be more seriously to developing their product to bigger market. Google said more taht 1.75 companies all over the world already run their businnes with rely on Google Apps. Gmail users maybe can no really feel differance between beta and final version, but with Gmail decision to leave beta version, Google definitely can make sure big companies to use Gmail paid version. Google hopes Gmail, Docs, Calendar, and other application that their developed can more used by many global companies. Further, leave beta version from some Google services indicated their are ready to compete with Microsoft. Beside Gmail and Google Apps, Google also released final vesrdion for Google Calendar and Googel Talk. Even Gmail and other Google services still in beta version for long time, but that can’t be denied that many Google application run more stable although in beta version. Google still keep many beta version of their application, and it seem that company in nearly time will release many final version. Just wait and see.

Flash Version 10 Will be Present

For not long time again., consumer will be can access to video websites like YouTube directly from browser mobile application because Adobe Flash will be available in some smart handphones on October 2009. Beta version of Flash 10 will be find it in some handphone operating systems like Windows Mobile, Symbian, Adroid, and webOS (operating system adopted by Palm Pre) application. Flash technology from Adobe is technology that used by many internet websites in the owrld. But this technology so greedy take handphone resource. This time Adobe developiong Flash Player 10 for some smart handphones. Now some partner vendors already accepted early version of Flash 10. Unfortunately, big possiblelity Flash Mobile no support Blackberry and iPhone. Adobe admitted thay no have plan to developing full Flash 10 to that two big brands. According to Adobe, Blackberry and iPhone developing their own software application for themselves and commonly the product is better than third party production. They more understand suitable technology for theirs product.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Firefox 3.5

Browser already became favorite application at this time, especially on internet world. Internet growing faster and bigger. Many information, transaction, or entertainment can be perform in this global media. Of course custimer need browser not only to get information but was moved to another needs, like security, customization, better performa, faster, and another feature like add-on fasilities. In the other word, browser demand to make innovation. On of popular browser who continue to make innovation is Firefox. The newest version released is known as version 3.5. Ini thus version, you can directly watch a video via browser, without need to added plug in or external media player, make control the smart location but results with special character, new trial mode private browsing, update for clear recent history function, even can do drag and drop tab bar from one window of Firefox to other window. Immediately to update to version 3.5 and enjoy new feature. Minimus specification Windows 2000. You can download file with size 7.73 MB at

E-government Implementation in India

In nearly time, Maharashtra resident, one district in West Side India, no need to came to central government office in Mantralaya to administration process connected with residency and permit problem. This could be happen because e-governance project planning by chief of Maharshtra government, Ashok Chavam, will begin in next five months. He ordered e-governance sevices make easier, friendly, and always available anytime and anywhere. Even in the futre can following with vide conference. To promote this services, India decided employees from Indian Administrative Service to help in implementation process. Beside that, already built approximately 9,000 kiosks all area to covered permit service, like land hire, pay tax, and other. Anything by online services.

Gap on Video ActiveX Control Browser

Many website can be access by browser. Bad side, dangerous website also have potention to get accessed even with no purpose or unconciously, The security in the last need to used in browser application to protect dangerous application go inside. One of new gap was announced by Microsoft founde on Video ActiveX Control Browser. This gap able to make someone take control from another user. And exploit by this gap only effected on Windows XP and Wondows Server 2003. Appelad by Microsoft that user as soon as possible to make repair instruction, evan with manual way ( or automaticaly with push the botton “Fix It For Me” from Microsoft suport website.

WordPress for Blackberry

Targeting blogger and crackberry, this recent time WordPress launched WordPress for Blackberry application. This application still in beta stage can you install by online from This application designed for users and self-hosted WordPress version 2.5.1 above. Even in completing and make perfection process stage, this application can run well on new Blackberry equipment likes 8700, Pearl, Curve, Bold, and Storm. This application required BlackberryOS version 4.2.1 or above. For self-hosted WordPress users, make sure taht XML-RPC feature already active. If find bug in this application , you can send it to For developers who want to participate, please download code source application from

SysResource Manager v10.3

For you who want monitoring your CPU computer status when active, please try this utility. System Manager that you can use to monioritng system on CPU like CPU usage, RAM and Virtual RAM available, Discs, Processes, Network Monitoring (Processes Accessing Internet, Network Traffic/Speed), Services, to Start Up programs. Beside that, this utulity also can use to performa system optimalizer by use physical system memory defrag. Complete features some of that is RAM and vitual RAM available monitoring, Physical Memory defraged when closing to their capability limit, showed all process and active programs, monitoring of your trafficnetwork bandwith, and supported all network type (internet ASDL, ethernet, wireless speed, and traffic), monitoring entering internet access (TCP protocol), set up Windows services, alsi showing kind of add-on internet explorer in yout PC. SysResource Manager give you lock computer feature to protect your PC. You can download trial version for 15 days at (size 3.54 MB) or buy this prodict with US$ 21.90 (for Windows XP or above).

Antiporn v12.3.6.23

Are you worry with your children internet habits because affraid if they have bad impact from websites that contained negative materials? Just install this utility launched by Antiporn v12.3.6.23 ready to help you filtered the porn websites and another dangerous application for kids. One of them is porn website blockade. Beside that, you can set use internet limitation per day for your kid and websites monitoring of your kids browsing or surfing activities by log website feature that already intergrated in this software. You can also set when your kid PC on to protect their eyes from eyes protection facility. Still worry? This software equiped with blockade application (example : game and chatting application) that usefull for your beloved limitation activity. Before buy this product, you can try it in trial version dan you can download at (size 3,27 MB) for Windows95/98/2000/ME/NT/XP. This trial product can you uses for 30 days. This complete program price is US$39.95.

Intel New SSD

On the last July, Intel launched new solid-state drive (SSD) that much talked of have cheaper and write speed faster compare with previous type. According to Intel, SSD X25 M consumption for notebook and personal computer (PC) able to presented write performa twice better than previous serial. And new manufacture used 34 nanometer process, helped price still cheap. For information, previous Intel SSD production used 50 nanometer process. “34 nanometer process more profitable because make due from flash memory smaller so can reduce production cost,” says Troy Wilson, Marketing Director of Intel NAND product. “This fact make possiblelity foe us to reduce SSD cost prodution almost 60% from price before we introduced new technology in three quartal ago.” For 80 GB SSD, wite speed increase to 6,600 I/O operation per second (IOPS). 160 GB SSD faster with 8,000 IOPS. Meanwhile read speed still same, 35.000 IOPS. This new drive presented by Intel is SSD multylevel cell (MLC). Beside MLC version, the vendor also offered SSD single-level cell (SLC) that offered better endurance but have very expensive price. If compared, write SSD MLC performa better twice than Intel SSD SLC now. Becuse competitor like Toshiba and Samsung had already offered SSD with 512 GB capacity, Intel have plan to make more bigger capacity for they drive for the next year or first quartal of 2010. If you interesting, SSD X25-M availabel in 2.5” and 1.8” size. For 80 GB capacity price is US$ 225 till 1,000 units. Price for 160 GB capacity is US$ 440.

Intel Ready Rely On Ultra Thin Notebook

Are you already have netbook with Intel Atom processor? What the most upu don’t like from that equipment? Is that slow performa if yopu try to operating 3D games or office application? If your answer is yes, you are lucky. Bcause at this time Intel is relying on notebook, notnetbook, with ultra tin body with reachable price as suppor to next product. Whatis called by ultra thin notebook? Basicly is notebook with reachable price, commonly with 13” screen, amd used ultra low power Intel processor. According to Paul Otelline (CEO Intel), this ultra thin notebook to answered lacks of netbook for this time. He said if you want ultra thin notebook and light in weight, you not always to choose netbook. You can also choose notebook with reachable price and have more functionality than netbook. Ultra thin notebook in fact is more comfortable, even for producer and consumer. Ultra thin notebook production cost is cheaper than usually notebook. In other word, the price sale more cheaper. But this type still give more benefits than netbook customer.

Disney Sell Movie in MicroSD Card

A new agreement just signed by Panasonic and Walt Disney Home Entertainment. Both working together to distributed Disney movies in microSD card starting on next November. First movie that released in microSD card is Pirates of the Carribean trilogy. Another movie title will be release together with their DVD release schedule. That movies cam be watched on mobile navigation system and handphone. Just for information, Panasonic already had flat panel and vidoe camerea with build-in SD card reader. For this moment, Movie in MicroSD card only limited circulation in Japan. Besude that, price of this card is expensive enough, US$ 53 because on the packer inluding anti-pirate technology.

UFD Kingston Reached 256 GB Capacity

USB flash drive (UFD) technology keep continue and make fast developing. UFD with 4 – 8 GB capacity right now is easy to find and the price was reached by customers. In recent time, Kington decided to make breakthrough by launched the first UFG with 256 GB capacity in the world. Titled as DataTraveler 300, user not only can uses very large store space to keep large quantity of data, also spoiled by averange data trasfer speed and option to use access data protection with password. If you music mania, you can move conten from 365 song compact discs to Data Traveler 300. Windows Readyboost compatible, this security supported by Password Traveler that allowed user to make keyword for protected their data in privacy zone without need administrator rights. Unfortunately, this new UFD with five years gurantee only available in the market by order. UFD DataTraveler 300 proce is no available.

Sexy View Targeting Mobile Equipment

Mobile equipment owner must be more carefully. A first mobile malware, named Sexy View or Sexy Space, just founded by security researchers. Sexy View written specially fot attack handphone with Symbian OS. Sezy View fist time detectioned six months ago in China. But now infection payload showed many characteristic grom binet PC software and more sophisticated compare with hakded attacker was happend before. Sexy View/Space was able ti upload themself and upgraded SMS template without user helper. How sexy View attacked? Basically Sexty View uses basic attack vectors was used by PC base malware. Program (known as SymbOS.Exy.C by Symantec) spread via short massage services (SMS) to attend the readers upload a application thatlook safety. The bait was a setence “A very sexy girl, Try it now!” . In that massage was a web address contained trojan. If you click that link, Sexy View automatically installed as valid apllication, complete with validation certificate from Symbian. But this new application will gathering all your detail and contact list. From your contact list will be use to send cheating massage to another. No only that, this trojan also take your serial number and customer number from handphone, and send via internet to remote command and control server.

Introduce Lynnfield, Intel Cut Off Desktop Processor Price

Good news for you who have plan to upgrading your personnal computer. In the last June, Intel announced new price list for desktop processor, so that make the price more reachable. This step was indicated impact of vendor plan from their headquarter in Santa Clara, California, to make update the CPU line woth introduced Lunnfield model. Some processors get price cut off is Core 2 Quad Q9400 2.66 GHz with 14% discount from US$ 213 to US$ 183, and Q8300 2,5 GHz from US$ 183 to US$ 163. Meanwile for lowe systems, Intel informed new price for Celeron E1500 2.2 GHz from US$ 53 to US$ 43, and Core 2 Duo E7500 2,93 GHz to US$ 133 to US$ 113.